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I used this project to consolidate some of the knowledge I had acquired after following several online courses.

- A CMS platform using React.js 16, React-Redux, Redux-Saga, Material-UI, Node.js, Jest, Firebase, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Hasura, TypeScript, HTML, CSS.

- A Marketplace using Next.js 9, React-Redux, Redux-Saga, Material-UI, Node.js, Firebase, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Hasura, HTML, CSS.

- A mobile application using React Native, Expo 36, React-Redux, Redux-Saga, NativeBase, Node.js, Firebase, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Hasura.

- A landing page using Typescript, Gatsby.js, Firebase, GraphQL, Material-UI, HTML, CSS.

Kindle Vocabulary Builder

Kindle Vocabulary Builder

- A web app using Next.JS 12, React Query, React Table, sql.js, Vercel.

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